“Fashion responds to current events quickly; it acts as a mirror of our time,” curator Andrew Bolton once noted, and indeed material culture and the objects we adorn ourselves with have always held a fundamental place in forming our understanding of the world. The changing
10 Apr 2018
Another great experience with La Martina in Dusseldorf. Together with other guys, we visited La Martina Accademy, a beautiful maison where the brand spirt was in its full bloom. We discover the city a little bit, but the most exciting experience was the one on
10 Apr 2018
Lately, red is becoming one of my favourite colors. Adding a touch of red to an ordinary look can somehow make a different. It makes the outfit bolder, and it makes you feel more confident. How’s that possibile? Don’t know, but try it to believe
Tel Aviv is a beautiful rarity with a look and feel that makes it unlike any other city in the world. ​The micro-metropolis on the Mediterranean has a special place in my heart, first and foremost because it’s home, but also because it’s complex: It’s
9 Apr 2018
Tom Ford knows sexy. Especially when you can look beautifully tanned in the grey days of January. The new Soleil Color collection and its elegant-white packaging will have you dreaming of beachside cabanas, three-story yachts, and sun-kissed skin. The thought alone is enough to feel like
  My city is a perfect place to live! The weather is ( almost ) always pleasant, it is not too big or too crowded ( a part from Fashion Week and Design Week periods ) and it’s full of beautiful places to discover! But,
23 Mar 2018
Probably you’ve seen these pictures somewhere around your town, or in your favorite eyewear shop. But it’s the first time they appear on! This is the official photoshoot ( plus one backstage snap!) for the campaign of Silvian Heach Eyewear Collection. Shot in Naples,
One of the very first artists I’m glad to feature in the Art section is Alessandro Butera, a great artist of the contemporary scene. After falling in love with his artworks, I believe he is the one you need to keep an eye on! Below
5 Feb 2018
An unforgettable weekend the one spent in Sankt Moritz for the Snow Polo World Cup with La Martina! Two days in Engadina for one of the most fascinating sport events ever! The event took place on the frozen lake of St. Moritz and the feeling
5 Jan 2018
There’s a special place in Milano where I enjoy my weekends or my free mornings during the week. It’s the Park Hyatt Spa by Sisley, an intimate and cosy place for some of the best beauty treatments in the city. Pampering myself here is a